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The monsoons hit Chandigarh this week, leaving people soaked and happy that temperatures are once again bearable. As I was leaving my room yesterday, I was met with a number of newly formed “lakes” and “rivers” (read: large puddles of still water and large puddles of moving water). Navigating my way around this to arrive at [...]

“It is lonely. No one listens to me. I haven’t left this house in over 2 years. I have forgotten what the village looks like”. I am sitting inside a small house in Kalale village, 2 hours from Mysore city, Karnataka. Ravi became bedridden 2 years ago, and his condition has gradually deteriorated. With three children, two [...]

Thinking now about why I wanted to do the Indicorps fellowship feels like trying to remember something from a past life. It’s a bit hazy and very diluted by what the year would eventually become. I remember that I wanted to challenge myself, I wanted to do service, and more than anything, I wanted to [...]

Dear Changemakers, Pour in equal measures community immersion, grassroots development, courage, and compassion. Indicorps offers Fellowships for passionate individuals of Indian origin to implement sustainable development projects with community-based organizations across India, to live simply and to embody what it means to “BE THE CHANGE.” Compact it into a year. From Gujarat to Bihar, and [...]

As an integral part of this year’s Indicorps Fellowship, each 2009 Fellow crafted a 3-4 day Personal Workshop visit to a community-based grassroots development organization on a topic of interested to them. Fellows were encouraged to spend a few days at a different organization, learn from their experience(s), and share best practices.  Fellows were given [...]

SEPT 15, 2008 – MAR 15, 2009 RURAL EMPOWERMENT HIRIYUR, KARNATAKA Linda Mani, August 2008 Fellow Initiatives for Development Foundation and Gramya Turnkey Services Pvt. Lt. Background and Project Vision In 2003, Initiatives for Development Foundation (IDF) identified five villages surrounding the small town of Hiriyur form what is known as the Natural Fiber Cluster.  [...]

SEPT 15, 2008 – MAR 15, 2009 LEARNING DISABILITY AWARENESS CAMPAIGN DAVANGERE, KARNATAKA Gouri Tawady, August 2008 Fellow Samveda Research and Training Center Background and Project Vision The aim of this project is to build awareness on learning disabilities (LD). Samveda is a training center/school that focuses on teaching students with learning disabilities.  This is [...]

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  • vinay trivedi: we are very lucky that we are part of Volunteer ahmedabad(YLC)
  • Uma Venkataraman: Dear Abi: i endorse your comment on the need for grassroot organisations to tackle the preventable disease in many countries including india Hats off
  • Tushar Deshpande: Dear Anila I am Tushar Deshpande Ani's Cousin from Gulbarga You are doing a commendable job keep it up and all the best, would like to visit your wo
  • Padma Yadavalli: Great work Anila. This blog gave me more information about life in those parts than all my travels did. Thank you for the detailed narration. Very pro
  • Amitav Ranjan: Now I Know why you made it to NY.... Good Job.

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