View from the Mountain Top: Tenzin Tsundue Shares his Learnings from the Free Tibet Movement


On 22 February 2010, Tenzin Tsundue, the Secretary General of Friends of Tibet (Dharamsala, India) visited Indicorps-Ahmedabad. In an interesting twist on our perennial identity questions, Tenzin explained that he identifies as both Tibetan and Indian. An activist and a writer, Tenzin provided compelling arguments on why we – all of us – should care about the future of Tibet.

Holding deep reverence for the Dalai Lama, Tenzin has construed his own interpretation of ahimsa (non-violence) that drives his Free Tibet movement.   Tenzin lives his values through his provocative work.  Through humility, humor, honesty, and action, Tenzin demonstrates what it takes to be a leader, and especially to lead yourself.  For more information, please see: http://www.friendsoftibet.org/tenzin/.

A Personal Reconnaissance

From Ladakh
Tibet is just a gaze away.
They said:
from that black knoll
at Dumtse it’s Tibet.
For the first time, I saw
my country Tibet.
In a hurried hidden trip
I was there at the mound.
I sniffed the soil,
scratched the ground,
listened to the dry wind
and the wild old cranes.
I didn’t see the border,
I swear there wasn’t anything
different, there.
I didn’t know
if I was there or here.
I didn’t know
if I was here or there.
They say the kyang
come here every winter.
They say the kyang*
go there every summer.

*Kyang – wild donkey found in herds in Changthang (northern plains) of Tibet and Ladakh

Tenzin’s talk moved August 2008 Fellow and current Indicorps staff member Prerna Seth to write the following:

What does it mean, to be wholeheartedly dedicated to your cause?
What does it mean, to have such passion, such conviction
Such determination.
And such faith to immerse yourself in your struggle?
How do you keep your focus,and not lose sight of your ultimate goal?
How do you still maintain compassion,and not let your conviction turn into anger?
How do you maintain the humour,and the seriousness, all at the same time?
How do you stay balanced, rooted, aware and not let arrogance get the better of you?
How do you remain true to your values through the entire journey,
And yet leave room for evolution and growth?
With all this within you,
How do you still remain human?

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