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Thirty-three Fellows from all over the world join the 10th Fellowship Class

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 5 May, 2009.  Indicorps announces thirty-three Fellows for its 10th Fellowship Class, beginning on August 15, 2009.  Individuals from Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the UAE were selected through a rigorous application and interview process.  Fellows come from impressive and varying backgrounds, including medicine, public health, finance, marketing, consulting, and non-profit management – all with exceptional records of consistent service.

We are consistently amazed, that even with the number of options available to them, many young Indians continue to choose the intensity of Indicorps and its path of dedicated service to reconnect to their heritage.” says Roopal Shah, co-Founder and Executive Director of Indicorps.  Indicorps received a record number of applications for a limited number of projects.

In the span of 7 years, over 100 Fellows have completed Indicorps one-year of service in India and currently serve as doctors, lawyers, MBAs, teachers, filmmakers, published authors, PhD students, directors of neighborhood programs, and board members.  As they take up the mantle, August 2009 Fellows will tackle issues around clean water, public health, education, tribal development, social entrepreneurship, and urban infrastructure.  They will serve with NGOs from Kanpur to Pondicherry, Gujarat to Madhya Pradesh.

In 2009, Indicorps will place 2-4 Fellows each with 12 community-based partner organizations.  Each Fellowship ‘team’ will be challenged harder than ever before, to accomplish more for the community by encouraging a supportive environment that consistently pushes each other to act upon their potential to affect change.

Shah says, “Our hope is that team-based approach will allow Fellows to more effectively share best practices, leverage each other’s skills, expand their base of knowledge, and motivate each other to realize their potential.”  With thirty-three Fellows, Indicorps embarks on its largest Fellowship Class.  Shah explains, “…with community engagement and personal growth at the forefront of our philosophy of service, we seek to create the next generation of young Indian leaders.”

August 2009 Fellowship Class:

Partner NGO: Aajeevika Bureau
Life Skills Counseling
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Simmi Dixit

Public Health for Migrants
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Kinnari Jhaveri, Rikin Tank

Partner NGO: Adharshila Learning Centre
Discover Science Through Nature
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Mansi Goyal

Energy Self Sufficiency
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Preeyanka Shah

Partner NGO: Ahmedabad Ultimate
Galvanize a Sports Culture
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Rahul Brahmbhatt

Inspire Lessons Through Sport
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Raksha Joshi

Sports for Holistic Development
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Anoop Agarwal

Partner NGO: Chaitanya
Encourage Preventative Health Care
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Himabindu Reddy

Public Health Business Management
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Hardeep Batha, Shriya Palekar

Partner NGO: GDL
Develop Social Enterprises
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Sahil Chaudhary, Aditi Poddar, Vivake Prasad

Partner NGO: Hunnarshala /KMVS/ Sahajeevan
Community Driven Public Services
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Fatetma Dada

Urban Infrastructure Design
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Alykhan Mohamed

Utilize Recycling for Empowerment
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Asha Gandhi

Partner NGO: Lok Mitra
Cultivate Activity Based Teaching
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Anna Gangadharan

Nurture Rural Social Entrepreneurs
Aug’09 Fellow(s):  Rushi Sanathra

Simplify Science
Aug’09 Fellow(s):  Anjum Unwala

Partner NGO: PondyCAN
Community-led City  Modernization
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Sutirtha Roy

Promote Recycling at Source
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Sashti Balasundaram

Partner NGO: S3IDF
Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Silpa Kaza, Prashant Murthy

Devise Public Health Messaging
Aug’09 Fellow(s):  Laxmi Chhaya, Nithya Krishnan

Partner NGO: Shramik Bharti
Community Radio for SHGs
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Amita Manghani, Pooja Shahani

Grassroots Business Process Evolution
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Jessica Sawhney

Rally Support for Public Health
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Deepa Patel

Partner NGO: Vidya Poshak
Empower College Freshman
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Kavita Rajasekhar

Increase English-based Employment
Aug’09 Fellow(s): Pramal Lad, Geetha Matthews



May 19th, 2009 at 12:20 am


Good luck! Do keep us posted on how the Ultimate goes!

Warm regards,

Chennai Ultimate

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