IIM-A to host frisbee contest

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IIM-A to host frisbee contest
4 Jul 2009, 0013 hrs IST, TNN

AHMEDABAD: Thunderous cheers, hooting and loud shouts of “buck up” are a common phenomena these days in the hostel dorms of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), even late in the night.  After all, a match of late night frisbee is not just a recreation activity but a tradition that is passed on from one batch to another.

For the first time, this very tradition is stepping out from being an informal students’ activity to becoming a competition. The sports committee of the student council is organising an Ultimate Frisbee tournament on June 4. The two-day tournament will have three teams, including the ‘Flying Dutchmen’ of IIM-A.

“Flying Dutchmen, our team from the institute has around 10 members, seven who will be playing the match. We till now used to play with two goal posts. But since last year, we have changed the format and now play in the Ultimate Frisbee style, where there are touch downs. The other two teams that are participating in the tournament are the Storm Chasers from Mumbai and Ahmedabad Ultimate from the city,” said Mohit Runwal, one of the members of the sports committee and also a member of the frisbee team.

The core team includes Subodh Sangwan, Abhishk Agrawal, Gaurav Dutta, Vikas Sood, S Arun, Salman S and Abhishek Agarwal, all second year Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) students. “Since we had a very short time to organise this event, we have a small participation. That is why we have kept these friendly matches,” Runwal said.

“Each match will end with clink of nimboo pani glasses, which is also the part of the tradition. This is the time when we actually sit, talking about the game and much more. This is also a bonding time on campus, especially, when the seniors are teaching the game to their juniors,” Runwal said.

“The classes and study schedule of IIM-A does not leave us with much time to get into much of physical activity or any sport. Thus, frisbee has become extremely popular among the students. This is one sport that needs no court, no sports gears or any other special arrangements. There are girls also who pick up this game and give the boys a good competition,” he added.

Jaideep Patel, a team member of Ahmedabad Ultimate, said, “We were the first in the city to make the game a little organised, but this tournament looks like a step forward. The students at IIM-A have been playing frisbee for ages. This is the first time that outsides are allowed to come and play with them.”

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