10 Easy Ways to Engage with Indicorps’ 2010 Recruitment

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A survey of recent applicants indicates that most of them heard about Indicorps through a friend.  Therefore, you are our most important resource!  The application deadline for the August 2010 fellowship class is March 1, 2010.  Please help us recruit.  Here are 10 easy ways to get involved in helping Indicorps build its strongest class ever:

#1. Add us to your signature. Add this blurb to the signature section (bottom) of your email:

APPLY NOW to the Indicorps Fellowship at http://apply.indicorps.org.   Applications are now available for fellowship class beginning August 2010.  Prospective fellows must be of Indian origin with a college degree or five years work experience. Visit www.indicorps.org to learn more about Indicorps.

#2. Utilize social media: Facebook/myspace/twitter. We will do this collectively on MLK day (18 Jan) and one month before the application is due:

February 1st Sample Tweet — Indicorps Fellowship: Service for the Soul /// More than 40 projects available (http://apply.indicorps.org) /// #indicorps.

Sample Facebook Status update – Take part of a project description (http://apply.indicorps.org/ProjectList.php) and use a sentence or two:

Create a vibrant volunteer group: Initiate new ideas and collaborate with volunteers to interest youth in the social issues facing their community. Partner NGO: Roopankan (http://apply.indicorps.org/ProjectList.php)

#3. Get your parents/children involved. Have a conversation with your parents or children to see if they can help think of young people of Indian origin from the temple, work, family, friend circles, etc. who might be interested in challenging themselves and committing to a year of service.

#4. Post an Indicorps related video. Email an Indicorps video link to friends or post on your facebook, myspace, friendster, or other social network pages. Please copy and paste this link to post on your site or email: http://www.youtube.com/indicorps#p/a/u/0/JOaNxjHzHdM

#5. Hold a Chai Chat. Inspired by SAALT “Chai chats” (http http://saalt.org/), invite a group of people to a restaurant, your home, or a coffee shop for a targeted discussion.

#6. Reach out to Indian diaspora worldwide. We all know someone who is connected to the Indian diaspora. Take your experience across the border and encourage your contacts to take on the cause and spread the word.

#7. Tap One Person. Come up with one person who may be a potential candidate. Give them a call and inspire them to apply!

#8. Connect through service. Martin Luther King Day: This January 18, find out what’s going on in your area. Use the day to connect with people and discuss service. See if you can get a list of people you can email about the Fellowship.

#9. Reach out to a mentor. Many of us have past employers or professors who were instrumental in supporting us. Reach out to say hello, check-in and see if they know  anyone interested or could help spread the word. Not only is it a possible avenue to do more outreach, but also a great opportunity to call a person who has been there for you.

#10. Speak Out. Get on an Indian Radio Station to talk about the Fellowship. Contact your local community or University radio and speak out to the larger diaspora about the Fellowship and serving in India.

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