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Prerna Seth Everything has been about my project so far. And when it hasn’t, I’ve stressed myself out thinking I’ve been unproductive. But this… This is simply beautiful! This is freedom! This is about my life, about our life, about all of us, not simply this project or this fellowship. I’m sitting besides this point [...]

It’s the time to disc Amdavadis and Americans come together to promote social values through ‘Ultimate’ By Abhishek Singh Posted On Monday, June 22, 2009 at 03:35:53 AM This game is called Ultimate, although to onlookers, it appears your usual frisbee. Promotors of Ultimate call themselves Ahmedabad Ultimate, and they have a vision for the [...]

As IPL moves to South Africa, the sport of Ultimate Frisbee comes to Ahmedabad.  Ahmedabad Ultimate (“AU”) plans to hold monthly tournaments for players of all ages.  The next youth tournament – open to the public – takes place on Sunday, June 21st, at the St. Xavier Loyola High School football fields from 7 to [...]

Letting Go I recently returned from my third Indicorps workshop and what keeps striking me is that time is running out. At this point, there are only 9 weeks left which translates into 5 biweekly reports, a paper entitled “Year-in-Review” and too little time to say goodbye to a community I love. When I return [...]

SEPT 15, 2008 – MAR 15, 2009 LEADERSHIP BUILDING FOR YOUTH KHAN MARKET, NEW DELHI Amrit Dhir, August 2008 Fellow Manzil Background and Project Vision In operation for over a decade, Manzil has developed organically into a center for youth from local low-income backgrounds to improve their critical thinking skills, broaden their educational exposure, and [...]

Times Of India Ahmedabad Date: May 15, 2009; Section: Times Sport;  Page: 19 City warms to ‘Ultimate’ Lionel Rodricks Ahmedabad: The sprawling playgrounds of St Xavier’s High School Loyola Hall are bustling with activity. The annual summer holiday sports camp is on in full swing with record number of schoolchildren from across the city showing [...]

Thirty-three Fellows from all over the world join the 10th Fellowship Class Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 5 May, 2009.  Indicorps announces thirty-three Fellows for its 10th Fellowship Class, beginning on August 15, 2009.  Individuals from Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the UAE were selected through a rigorous application and interview process.  Fellows come [...]

SEPT 15, 2008 – MAR 15, 2009 PROVIDING SAFE DRINKING WATER AND INSTITUTION BUILDING IN RURAL RAJASTHAN BAGAR, RAJASTHAN Tushar Kansal, August 2008 Fellow Sarvajal / Grassroots Development Laboratory Background and Project Vision Through my living and working spaces, I’m affiliated with two entities, the Grassroots Development Laboratory and Sarvajal (which is itself the brand [...]

SEPT 15, 2008 – MAR 15, 2009 Promoting early education in adivasi communities SARAGUR, H.D. KOTE TALUK, KARNATAKA Vinay Krupadev, August 2008 Fellow Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement Background and Project Vision The common perception in rural and tribal communities is that if kids can’t talk, they can’t learn.  In fact, 95% of human brain development [...]

Sept 15, 2008 – Mar 15, 2009 Volunteer Ahmedabad Ahmedabad, Gujarat Siddharth Bansal, August 2008 Fellow Volunteer Ahmedabad Project Description & History Pilot a citywide volunteer mobilization effort: motivate high school students, housewives, families, corporate employees, and senior citizen groups to take personal responsibility and drive change in their city. Before I set down anything, [...]

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  • vinay trivedi: we are very lucky that we are part of Volunteer ahmedabad(YLC)
  • Uma Venkataraman: Dear Abi: i endorse your comment on the need for grassroot organisations to tackle the preventable disease in many countries including india Hats off
  • Tushar Deshpande: Dear Anila I am Tushar Deshpande Ani's Cousin from Gulbarga You are doing a commendable job keep it up and all the best, would like to visit your wo
  • Padma Yadavalli: Great work Anila. This blog gave me more information about life in those parts than all my travels did. Thank you for the detailed narration. Very pro
  • Amitav Ranjan: Now I Know why you made it to NY.... Good Job.

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