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Moving past the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality   This post is written by Shital Shah, an August 2005 Fellow. Shital currently focuses on mobile financial services strategy with ShoreBank International. Should nonprofits exist forever? With socially-oriented missions and as anchors in local communities, nonprofits play a unique role in addressing gaps [...]

This post is written by Roopal Shah, Indicorps Co-Founder and an avid surfer. Indicorps’ decision to unmoor itself from running a Fellowship program after a decade of running successful fellowships has parallels with an experienced surfer deliberately surfing without a leash. 70-year old surfing veteran and owner of Star Surfing San Diego, Glenn Paculba says, [...]

January 14, 2013 Sonal Singhal was an Indicorps 2006 Fellow and is currently a member of Indicorps’ Board of Directors. Sonal is currently pursuing her PhD in Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. At first glance, the two most formative experiences of my life in no way inform each other. The first – a year spent in [...]

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Thinking now about why I wanted to do the Indicorps fellowship feels like trying to remember something from a past life. It’s a bit hazy and very diluted by what the year would eventually become. I remember that I wanted to challenge myself, I wanted to do service, and more than anything, I wanted to [...]

Winter in southern Rajasthan is peaceful. The sun has lost its harshness, and provides a welcomed warmth amidst the cool gentle winds that run across vast fields of wheat, their fresh vivid green in soft contrast with the dustier green of the trees and brush. I notice none of this as I hurry along a [...]

“There’s a way to combine the very best of the not-for-profit, philanthropic world with the very best of the for-profit, enterprising world. This hybrid is the wave of the future for both profit and nonprofit companies.” – An interview with Bill Strickland, CEO of the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and the Bidwell Training Center Inc., from [...]

Indicorps support structure includes quarterly workshops where Fellows regroup, re-energize,and share best practices.  One of the workshops – the March “personal workshop” is a self-directed learning process.  Fellows are asked to organize a 4-day visit to an organization that engages with the same challenges/issues they face in the field.  For her personal workshop, August 2009 [...]

A survey of recent applicants indicates that most of them heard about Indicorps through a friend.  Therefore, you are our most important resource!  The application deadline for the August 2010 fellowship class is March 1, 2010.  Please help us recruit.  Here are 10 easy ways to get involved in helping Indicorps build its strongest class [...]

J.P. Singh, Associate Professor in  Communication, Culture, and Technology at Georgetown University interviews Roopal Shah, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Indicorps on the progress of the country that defines their identity on Darshan TV [Link to the show]. Darshan is a television show hosted by Indian-Americans from the Washington metro area (Washington, DC, Maryland and [...]

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  • vinay trivedi: we are very lucky that we are part of Volunteer ahmedabad(YLC)
  • Uma Venkataraman: Dear Abi: i endorse your comment on the need for grassroot organisations to tackle the preventable disease in many countries including india Hats off
  • Tushar Deshpande: Dear Anila I am Tushar Deshpande Ani's Cousin from Gulbarga You are doing a commendable job keep it up and all the best, would like to visit your wo
  • Padma Yadavalli: Great work Anila. This blog gave me more information about life in those parts than all my travels did. Thank you for the detailed narration. Very pro
  • Amitav Ranjan: Now I Know why you made it to NY.... Good Job.

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